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Lakebrains Technologies offers Data Science Services and Solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to help our clients solve business challenges like Market Research, Product & Price Analysis, identify Potential customer and supplier base.

Our Offerings

Technology We Work With

Wide range of technologies to create more productive solution


  • Python
  • JavaScript


  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • PyTorch
  • Scikit-learn


  • Selenium
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Numpy
  • Panda
  • Matplotlib
  • D3
  • Seaborn


  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • KNN
  • Random Forest
  • K-means
  • DNN

Data Science

Empowere Your Business Through Data Science

Data scientists and engineers at Lakebrains use their expertise to build models that collect data and generate actionable insights for your business. We help solve the toughest data challenges to improve operational intelligence, enhance product quality, and increase business efficiency.

Data Pre-Processing

  • We puts sgnificant efforts in the data pre-processing phase to achieve the highest model quality.
  • Data is subjected to various checks in order remedy issues of missing values, spelling errors, normalizing values such that they are comparable, tranforming data.
  • Feature Engineering is the process of extracting useful information from the dataset that will contribute the most towords a successful prediction.
  • Removing the impact of Outliers which are anomalies that cause an enormous ammount of damage to data and prediction.

Data Modeling & Processing

  • Developing, testing and applying predictive algorithm to achieve more accurate predition.
  • Investing and select the approprete model as per the reuqirement.
  • Spliting the randomized pre-processed data into training, testing and evalution datasets.
  • Training and Retraining the models for multiple epochs to achieve max accuracy and save weights of model for inference.
  • Executes inference for testing dataset to check the performance of trained model.
  • Once model is ready we can integrate with web app and deploy over cloud.
  • lead generation-data science

    B2B Lead Generation

    B2B Lead Generation
    • Google Business Leads Scraping
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads scraping.
    • Freelancing Website Leads Scraping
    • Customer Specified Website Leads Scraping
  • price prediction-data science

    Real state price prediction

    Real State Price Prediction
    • Scraped real state data from many online websites
    • This data is used to train and test the model
    • Also, developed bots to contineously scrap and update the database.
  • Web scraping for restaurent market reasons-data science

    Restaurent Market Analysis

    Restaurent Market Analysis
    • Scraped Restaurent Data for specific location
    • Analyzed the data for market research
    • Develop Data Science model and train for best place to open a Restaurent.


Data Science Insights

Moreover lakebrains focused on learning latest technologies in the field on data science. Please checkout awesome blogs on different data science technologies and techniques If you are interested to learn and apply data science technologies to solve your business problem.

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