Computer Vision

computer vision-computer vision

Lakebrains develops innovative applications by integrating computer vision services with cameras and third-party application APIs to detect anomalies in assembly lines and identify products and faces on various platfoms.

Our team is comprised of machine learning experts skilled at image processing, object detection, feature recognition, segmentation, pattern recognition, DNN (Deep neural nets) and CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) to solve your unique business challenges.

Technology We Work With

Wide range of technologies to create more productive solution.


  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • JavaScript


  • Yolo
  • Yolact
  • FaceNet
  • OpenFace
  • Ultra Lite Face Detector
  • OpenCV Default Cascades
  • DNN
  • KNN


  • Tensorflow
  • Pytorch
  • Scikit-learn
  • TensorRT (Nvidia)
  • Halide Programming


  • OpenCV
  • PIL
  • Numpy
  • Panda
  • Matplotlib
  • Dlib


  • Nvidia Jatson Nano
  • Rasperry Pi
  • Ardino

Advanced Computer Vision

Smart Surveillance Terminal (SST)

Lakebrains focus is on improving operational efficiencies by leveraging live data from CCTV camera. Smart surveillance Terminal uses many State Of Art computer vision algorithm which are optimized for cloud and local server.


  • It provides Motion detection, face detection and Face Recognition feature in single device.
  • Detect unidentified faces and notify the respective user.
  • Discarding Ideal Footage and only saves relevant images.
  • It can also log the timings of the detection.

How It Can Help Your Business?

  • Complete Protection for you home and business.
  • SST solution can be integrated with existing camera setup, thereby saving the heavy cost.
  • Optimum utilization of memory space due to discarding unrelenting data.
  • Industrial Optimization-computer vision

    Industrial Optimization

    Industrial Optimization
    • Track information about visitors and customers.
    • Monitor logging hours for employees.
    • Monitor Production Rate.
    • Unknown person detection.
    • Detecting Quality Defects.
    • Processing visual Information at much Faster Rate
  • Retail AI System-computer vision

    Retail AI System

    Retail AI System
    • Identifying threat at real time.
    • Traffic and behavior analytics by using real-time.
    • Accurate Customer Counts.
    • Mark Detection and Social Distancing.
  • Home Security System-computer vision

    Home Security System

    Home Security System
    • Unknown Person Detection
    • Discarding Ideal Footage
    • Child Safety Monitoring.

Advanced Computer Vision

Virtual Trial Terminal (VTT)

Lakebrains is focused on revolutionizing augmented shopping experience with advanced Computer Vision. With the help of this technology merchandise enables its prospective buyers to virtually try different types of products.


  • User can explore various styles or products without having to visit the physical store.
  • User can access through any device as it works on web based platform.
  • Enables Users to try on product in virtually in real time or via photo.
  • It can also log the timings of the detection.

How It Can Help Your Business?

  • User can explore various styles without having to visit the physical store.
  • Save the human efforts and time involved in returning order.
  • Basically it reduces Return and Exchange ratio for most of the e-commerce businesses thereby eliminating the huge cost on it.
  • Virtual Cosmetics Trial-computer vision

    Virtual Cosmetics Trial

    Virtual Cosmetics Trial
    • Experience your perfect makeup shades virtually.
    • Create safer environment by avoiding physical contact.
    • Spares the hassle of trying.
  • Virtual Jewelry Trial-computer vision

    Virtual Jewellery Trial

    Virtual Jewellery Trial
    • Enable your customers to browse and order the jewellery items from anywhere, anytime.
    • High customer satisfaction through product engagement.
    • Unique marketing potential due to online platform.
  • Virtual Interior Design-computer vision

    Virtual Interior Design

    Virtual Interior Design
    • Save time & cost
    • Experience your perfect interior.
    • Try different kind of furniture and wall color before buying,


Computer Vision Insights

Lakebrains is focused on learning latest technologies in the field on computer vision. Please checkout awesome blogs on different computer vision technologies and techniques If you are interested to learn and apply computer vision technologies to solve your business problem.

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